What We Do

CEC is capable of providing a range of environmental and ecological services. We have expertise in compliance with state and federal laws, including the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Clean Water Act (CWA), Endangered Species Act (ESA), Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act (BGEPA), and Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA). Other services include conservation plans for public properties, migratory and breeding bird surveys, raptor nest surveys and monitoring, vegetation mapping, rare plant and wildlife surveys, wetland delineations and permitting, and noxious weed mapping. We also have knowledge about conducting baseline surveys and documentation reports for Conservation Easements that meet Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidelines. Lastly, we offer a variety of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) mapping and cartography services.


Environmental Compliance and Permitting

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Biological Surveys


Conservation and Management


GIS and Mapping

“All ethics so far evolved rest upon a single premise: that the individual is a member of a community of interdependent parts.The land ethic simply enlarges the boundaries of the community to include soils, waters, plants and animals, or collectively the land.” 

Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac.

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